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AI in Property Management for Landlords

6 September 2023

Ai In Property Management For Landlords

As the hype around AI intensifies, you may be wondering how the technology applies to you as a landlord. Can AI really help you to manage your property? The answer is a very definite yes. When it...

Lenders encouraged to support struggling borrowers

5 September 2023

Lenders Encouraged To Support Struggling Borrowers

Banks and Building Societies have been encouraged by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to offer more flexibility to struggling mortgage holders. Following a meeting with the Chancellor, banks and building...

Busting remortgaging myths. Your circumstances have changed – will you be able to remortgage?

30 August 2023

Busting Remortgaging Myths. Your Circumstances Have Changed – Will You Be Able To Remortgage?

We all know life doesn’t stay the same. Our jobs, our relationships, our financial circumstances, they all evolve over time. So if our lives are constantly changing, why should our mortgage...

A broker will help with the mortgage maze

30 August 2023

A Broker Will Help With The Mortgage Maze

When buying a property in London, it’s important to shop around for your mortgage, especially since this is likely to be the largest financial commitment you ever make. The average sold...

What does the new legal advice service mean for landlords?

23 August 2023

What Does The New Legal Advice Service Mean For Landlords?

A Government scheme to offer free legal advice to up to 38000 people a year at risk of losing their homes was launched on August 1 st . The support, announced by the Ministry of Justice, is...

Worried about mortgage lenders withdrawing their products and deals?

15 August 2023

Worried About Mortgage Lenders Withdrawing Their Products And Deals?

Worried about mortgage lenders withdrawing their products and deals? The mortgage market is going through another unpredictable time with mortgage lenders withdrawing mortgage deals and...

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