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CMP Regulations: A Landlords’ Guide

20 February 2024

Cmp Regulations: A Landlords’ Guide

Understanding the CMP Regulations is important as a landlord since although you won’t be holding client money directly yourself, your agent will on your behalf. It’s therefore...

Rate wars – What’s happening to mortgages?

13 February 2024

Rate Wars – What’S Happening To Mortgages?

Predicting mortgage rates in 2024 isn’t easy. After the challenges of 2023 rates had begun to fall and there is hope in the market that possible interest cuts later this year would then...

Why you should consider private medical insurance in 2024

23 January 2024

Why You Should Consider Private Medical Insurance In 2024

With the NHS under greater strain than ever, more people are looking to private medical insurance, for viable and affordable peace of mind. Private medical insurance covers the cost of private...

Cut energy bills the green way

8 January 2024

Cut Energy Bills The Green Way

As the climate change debate rages across the world, here at home in the UK, hard-pressed householders are facing the latest increase in energy prices. Reports by the BBC highlight that over 12...

How to make the most of property viewings

1 January 2024

How To Make The Most Of Property Viewings

There are many ways to tempt a potential buyer with your property, ranging from captivating copy to perfect pictures. Even virtual reality can play a part. But, although these are great at...

Are you worried about being able to afford your mortgage payments?

20 December 2023

Are You Worried About Being Able To Afford Your Mortgage Payments?

Stories of people facing the daunting prospect of seeing huge increases in their monthly mortgage repayments are regularly making the news. With many fixed rate deals coming to an end in the near...

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