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Selling when the mercury rises – here’s how to keep cool in a heatwave

12 August 2022

Selling When The Mercury Rises – Here’S How To Keep Cool In A Heatwave

With summer in full swing, the UK continues to experience some of the hottest temperatures on record.   Sellers hoping to attract potential buyers during the hot and humid weather need...

Kings Lettings Property E-Zine Issue 143

18 July 2022

Kings Lettings Property E-Zine Issue 143

It’s July and those thermometers are rising in what is shaping up to be one of the hottest months on record. It’s also the time of year when schools break up and many of us head to...

UK landlord demand for green mortgages rises

8 July 2022

Uk Landlord Demand For Green Mortgages Rises

Nowadays, landlords are often seeking ways to reduce emissions and make their rental properties more energy efficient. The labour and material required to meet this objective are, however, costly,...

Interior tips – stage your home for a speedy sale

8 July 2022

Interior Tips – Stage Your Home For A Speedy Sale

Selling a home can be an emotional and time-consuming thing, but that shouldn’t take the fun out of the entire process. Home staging is something which is becoming a more popular part of...

Kings Lettings E-Zine Issue 141

23 June 2022

Kings Lettings E-Zine Issue 141

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, June has been an incredible month. There’ve been flags and street parties everywhere and it has been lovely to see so many communities coming...

Introducing our latest property venture: our very own beehive

10 June 2022

Introducing Our Latest Property Venture: Our Very Own Beehive

Kings Group Estate and Lettings Agents are committed to supporting our environment and ecosystem. As part of our 2022 Environmental and Sustainability objectives, the recent annual ‘World...

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