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Kings Lettings E-Zine Issue 140

19 May 2022

Kings Lettings E-Zine Issue 140

Although we’re nearly in summer now, the weather has been a bit topsy-turvy of late – one minute the sun’s out and we are dusting off the barbecue and the next, it’s...

Revealed - top tips on how landlords can make their properties fire-safe

13 May 2022

Revealed - Top Tips On How Landlords Can Make Their Properties Fire-Safe

As a landlord, your primary concern does not only entail providing your tenants with a roof over their heads but also ensuring that the property is safe and secure before they decide to move in....

Happy buyers: could paid for upfront information speed up the sales process?

12 May 2022

Happy Buyers: Could Paid For Upfront Information Speed Up The Sales Process?

Living in the age of information, consumers have grown accustomed to gathering data before they decide on how they will be spending their money. The same thing applies to a buyer's readiness to...

Landlords – research reveals older households are set to dominate the PRS by next decade

27 April 2022

Landlords – Research Reveals Older Households Are Set To Dominate The Prs By Next Decade

For a long time, there has been the perception that privately renting a home in the UK is a young person’s game, and in many cases that is the reality. But an increasing number of older...

Gazumping and gazundering – what do you need to know?

6 April 2022

Gazumping And Gazundering – What Do You Need To Know?

The home moving process is inundated with technical terms and jargon that property buyers and sellers may find confusing – two of them being gazumping and gazundering. These peculiar...

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