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30 Years of Kings Group – Thanks for the memories!

16 August 2021

30 Years Of Kings Group – Thanks For The Memories!

1991 was a memorable year for many reasons :- The Dow Jones reached 3000 for the first time in History! Silence of the Lambs, and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves were amongst the highest...

Kings Lettings Property Ezine Issue 132

13 August 2021

Kings Lettings Property Ezine Issue 132

We may be in peak summer but the torrential rain suggests the weather gods have other ideas. The truth is, though, after a good year or two, we seem to have forgotten the more usual pattern of...

 Big boost for landlords - most tenants are happy

3 August 2021

Big Boost For Landlords - Most Tenants Are Happy

There’s been a long-held narrative that tenants and landlords are constantly at war, but it turns out that the majority of tenants in England are satisfied with their accommodation....

Sellers – here’s how garden maintenance can boost your asking price by £51k

28 July 2021

Sellers – Here’S How Garden Maintenance Can Boost Your Asking Price By £51k

One of the best things about summer – aside from the warm weather, long-lasting days and opportunity for outdoor activities – is the way in which your garden shines. Flowers come into...

Kings Lettings Property Ezine Issue 131

14 July 2021

Kings Lettings Property Ezine Issue 131

It’s not been an easy year and we could all really do with a few weeks relaxing by the Med. Unfortunately, this year, that doesn’t look possible. Instead, many of us will be...

What does the rise in mortgage lending mean for buyers and sellers?

22 June 2021

What Does The Rise In Mortgage Lending Mean For Buyers And Sellers?

The housing market has made a remarkable bounce-back since the onset of the pandemic, with initiatives such as the stamp duty holiday and 95% mortgage guarantee scheme encouraging people to move...

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