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Our Valuation & Surveying Service is provided through Metropolis Surveyors LLP, an Independent Surveying Firm, which is also part of the Kings Group of Companies.

Established in 2005, Metropolis Surveyors is based in Hertfordshire and operates throughout England and Wales, using a network of professional surveyors, providing valuations, Homebuyers and Building Survey services. Metropolis works with the majority of High St lenders, Valuation Panels, Specialist Lenders and private clients. In addition Metropolis have been recognised for their Quality of Service by the Industry and have won 19 National Industry Awards to date.

You can have the confidence that Metropolis are certified to ISO9001 and operate in line with the regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

All Metropolis surveyors are fully qualified Chartered Surveyors, Members or Fellows of RICS and Registered Valuers and have significant experience in and knowledge of their local area, and are fully covered under Metropolis’ Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

Whether you are buying a sixteenth century cottage, a brand new house on a development, a flat or a 3-bed semi you should consider your choice of valuation report or survey.

1. Mortgage Valuation Report

This is a limited visual inspection of the property and a valuation report, often required by a mortgage company. The report focuses primarily on the value of the property in its present condition and the identification of any defects that might materially affect the security for the lender.

A Mortgage Valuation Report is not recommended as the sole basis for deciding whether or not to complete your purchase, as it will not report in detail, items which may concern a potential purchaser but are not significant to a lender.

2. The RICS Homebuyers Report

This Report is intended for properties of post 1900 construction that appear to be in reasonable condition and are relatively ‘conventional’ in construction. The Homebuyers Report is aimed to assist a potential purchaser make a reasoned and informed decision about whether to proceed with a purchase, establish what is a reasonable amount to pay, take account of any repairs and/or replacements required and consider what further advice to take before committing to the purchase.

This report is not intended to detail every aspect of the property or provide detailed costings for repairs but focuses on matters that may require attention categorised with condition ratings.

3. Building Survey

A building survey is a more detailed report on the type of construction and condition of a property. It is suitable for all types of properties, but particularly suited to large, old or unusual properties. Reports are specifically tailored to the property. If a property has been extensively renovated, altered or extended or if major conversion is planned then this is the type of report required.

Every aspect of the property will be looked at and advice given on visible defects discovered and any potential problems posed by those that are hidden. Where practical and agreed, estimates of costs of repairs can be provided.

Metropolis Surveyors will report on particular concerns relating to a property where possible if these are mentioned in advance. After a report has been received, you can discuss the detail if there are any points about which you are unclear

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