Rethinking your property sales strategy & the top tips

News at Kings Group | 23/01/2017

It is true, of course, that in a dream world everyone would enjoy a fast, smooth, hassle-free house sale. In reality, though, that's not always the case, with property sales sometimes encountering a number of bumps in the road and delays.

One of these may be your home struggling to get the attention it deserves, perhaps down to sheer bad luck or the fact that it is being buried under a mountain of competition. For one reason or another, you are not seeing enough interest or you are failing to see this initial interest turned into something more concrete. You may have had a situation where buyers have got cold feet or strong interest that turned out to not be so strong after all.

We all know January is a good time to list a property and sell a home, but it can also be a very good time for sellers to rethink and re-evaluate their sales strategy. Working closely with your estate agent, you can see what you're doing right and what you could maybe do better. Sometimes the smallest little tweaks can make the difference.  

Below, using our experience as estate agents operating across north London, Hertfordshire and Essex, we look at some possible options.

Review your online sales strategy

Nowadays, the first port of call for the vast majority of buyers will be an estate agent’s website or, even more frequently, major portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove. The traffic levels and visitor numbers these portals achieve is astonishing, so it’s vital that you have a presence on these platforms.

It is, though, a busy and crowded marketplace, so your property ad really needs to stand out from the crowd. The pictures need to be clear, crisp and professional, the description snappy and engaging and the property details and floor plans up to date and accurate.

Evaluate your asking price

Setting the right asking price can be a difficult task. Too low and you risk underselling yourself or buyers questioning why a home is on the market for such a bargain. Too high and you risk putting would-be buyers off. Naturally, if your home is not selling with ease, you will start to think about lowering the asking price, but it may be best to hold your nerve. Lowering your asking price for the sake of lowering your asking price might not be a very wise move.

In these situations, it’s best to work closely with your agent to devise the correct strategy. Your agent will use their years of experience and knowledge of the local market to ensure you get it right.

Be flexible on viewings

If you start to get some concrete interest from buyers – in the form of viewing requests – then it is best to pounce on this interest as soon as possible. If you can be extra flexible with viewing times, it will improve your chances of getting your home sold. Many buyers will be busy, time-poor people with little flexibility in their hectic schedules, so if you can make things easier for them by accommodating viewings in most cases then this is bound to be highly appreciated.

Brownie points from buyers are no bad thing – after all, a good relationship between you and your buyer will be crucial to a smooth selling process.

Keep it traditional

Although some people argue that traditional marketing methods like For Sale boards, newspaper advertising and leaflet drops have less impact in a heavily digital world, they still serve a purpose.

A multi-pronged approach – combining traditional marketing methods and newer ones – will help you to reach a wide range of prospective buyers. The more buyers who see your property, the greater your chances of getting it sold for the best price possible.  

If you would like more information about getting your home sold this winter, please get in touch with us at one of our many branches.


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