3 Essential Design Updates to Make to Your Property Before Letting It Out

News at Kings Group | 30/08/2019

Despite recent political and economic turbulence in the UK, the rental market has remained resilient and is more competitive than ever. In a saturated market, it’s essential that landlords make effective changes which return profits and, ultimately, helps them find the perfect tenant for their property.

It goes without saying that first impressions count, so we’ll offer a number of interior and exterior updates that will make your rental property eye-catching and desirable before you place it on the letting market. From creating a polished aesthetic that creates kerb appeal to giving your property a makeover with a fresh lick of paint and interior refresh, we’ll cover it all to ensure your property stands out from its competitors

Create a striking exterior

It’s the first taste of the property that potential renters see online and the first thing that viewers see when they visit, so the exterior of the property should offer an outstanding impression and give viewers a positive expectation of what’s to come inside. With the average rent paid for a property in the UK at £1,217, it’s essential that your exterior is as well maintained as possible to maximise on rental value.

From a simple coat of paint to improving the roof structure, renovating the exterior of your property could work wonders for its aesthetic appeal. If your property has outdated cladding or pebbledash, cover them with a different material or some fresh paint to boast a brand-new look. The cheapest option is to paint the exterior - we love neutral shades such as white or cream which won’t overwhelm any external features. Alternatively, if the brickwork has been damaged on older properties, rendering will add contemporary freshness, offering extra structural support that brings the property back up to date. From brick slips to stone tiles or laminate cladding, there’s a whole range of materials on the market to give any property a beautiful finish.

Other smaller external changes include refinishing the front door or adding some lighting to the exterior to illuminate the property for evening viewers. Additionally, create a welcoming ambiance by constructing a walkway or giving your garden tidy up. From hurricane lamps to solar powered pathway lights which are less impactful on the environment, lighting is a powerful way to add beauty to a property. For properties in the country, add shutters or window boxes for a splash of colour and an inviting feel. Alternatively, if you’re renting a city abode, buy a new door mat or replace your house numbers with a contemporary font to give a modern, high-spec appeal. Whatever your budget, changing the appearance of the property is an essential design update which will create returns.

Repair, replace and recondition in the right rooms

Rooms which will be used the most are the most likely to receive the most attention from prospective tenants while they’re viewing. While there’s no need to plan a complete remodel of these rooms, giving them a thorough clean up or a lick of paint could make all of the difference.

Kitchens are the focus of many renters, as the heart of the home and a hive of high traffic. So, start with a deep clean to define exactly what needs replacing or painting. If kitchen cupboards are looking a little tired, give them a lick of paint in a neutral palette to appeal to the tastes of many tenants. Go the extra mile by replacing cupboard handles or doors to give a uniformed aesthetic or a contemporary feel. If the kitchen is in a well-used state, replacing bigger fixtures such as kitchen worktops. While it’s a considerable initial investment, some beautiful, contemporary granite worktops will offer a luxurious aesthetic, while also being an effective way to boost the rental value of a property due to its hard-wearing and long-lasting qualities. It’s all about making informed purchases which will stand out against your property’s competitors.

In the bathroom, re-grouting, eliminating all limescale and replacing taps are effective ways to ensure the bathroom suites are sparkling in no time. Furthermore, fix any dripping taps or mouldy sealant for a polished look. It’s all about making the bathroom look as hygienic as possible, so cleaning or replacing any mouldy shower curtains and polishing up the showerhead could make the difference between prospective tenants signing the contract.

Refresh the property

If the property is looking grimy or a little tired, this will stand out to prospective renters, particularly during daytime viewings under harsh natural light. So, keeping the property looking clean, fresh and clutter free is an essential tip to bear in mind.

Cleaning the property to a commercial standard will make the property look the best it can be. The first impression is always the most important - while commercial cleaning may seem like a high cost initially, they’ll be sure to reach all areas - even those nooks and crannies which you didn’t think needed cleaning but might attract attention from prospective tenants.

If clutter is taking over the space, it’s also going to obstruct your tenant’s viewing quality. Tackle this issue by a large-scale declutter throughout the property. There’s no better viewing quality than a showhome aesthetic, so be mindful of this while decluttering. Try to stick to the essentials -  one set of pans, a set of crockery and enough drinking glasses for the people living there will keep your kitchen looking clutter free, and make room for the new renter’s items. In the living areas, stick to a small number of accessories, such as a vase of flowers and plain cushion covers, so prospective renters can imagine the property when they move in. Think chic furnishings and open bright spaces to help viewers admire the space.

These are just a few of our favourite design tips, but equipped with these three pointers, you’ll be on your way to making your property stand out on the rental market and grab the attention of your perfect tenant.


Author bio:

Sophie Armstrong is a content creator for granite and quartz worktop specialists Burlington Granite, who provide a full bespoke worktop solution by offering templating, cutting, polishing and fitting, all driven by 25 years of industry experience.