What should you consider before moving home?

  • Don’t miss out on securing your new home - call us before you go house hunting so we can discuss your mortgage requirements and agree a suitable mortgage product.
  • Once your property offer is accepted, we process your mortgage and it won’t delay your house purchase.

How can our mortgage brokers/advisers secure your mortgage?

  • Our mortgage advisers help you determine how much money you can borrow, by assessing your income and outgoings, discussing your future plans so you choose a mortgage product suitable for your circumstances.
  • We help you understand your mortgage options as our mortgage broking team explain the difference between product options, including fixed rate mortgages, variable mortgages, tracker mortgages, discounted mortgages and capped mortgages.
  • We have provided solutions for clients who have bad credit ratings for example by missing payments, defaults or county court judgements (CCJs) so call us for mortgage advice as a solution may still be available.

Tips for getting a better mortgage

  • If you want to move home having a large mortgage deposit will improve your available mortgage options and enable you to secure a better interest rate, as mortgage lenders view your application more favourably. It could also enable a mortgage lender to offer less stringent credit criteria.
  • Consider how much deposit you can offer before you look for a suitable property. Your deposit could come from savings, gifts from friends or family, or from equity in your current property.
  • Help a lender offer you a larger mortgage by improving your affordability and not having too much debt by clearing any unnecessary loans or credit cards.
  • Check Karma, Experian and Equifax to make sure there are no mistakes on your credit profile as it will affect your credit rating. Other ways to improve your credit rating include making sure you are registered on the electoral roll, making credit payments on time and using a low percentage of your credit limit.


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