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Interior design trends that could attract more viewers this autumn

News at Kings Group | 13/09/2017

Now we’ve reached September, the autumn is rapidly approaching. Before you know it, shops will clear all traces of summer, the nights will grow longer, and the air will get cooler.


It’s therefore time for property sellers to consider the change in atmosphere and give their homes a seasonal refresh!


When it comes to decoration and interior designs, the possibilities are endless, especially in the cooler months. It’s no wonder autumn and winter are many interior designers’ favourite times of the year.


As a property seller, knowing the top trends in home décor for the autumn could potentially help you to attract more prospective buyers and secure more viewings. That’s why we’ve taken a look at some of this season’s top trends for you…


Smooth velvets


What could be more soothing than velvet? Currently taking furnishings by storm, this luxe, light-reflecting fabric can be combined with rough natural textures (reclaimed wood and woven baskets) to add tactile cosiness to any room.


For an even better contrast, smooth metals and ceramics add visual interest.


If you want to go for a subtler approach, you could opt for velvet pillows or a velvet throw instead; the slight use of velvet stands out and will catch the eye of a prospective buyer.


Matte appliances



For those who want to go for a bolder look without being too in-your-face, matte objects can work wonders. Objects with a matte finish are useful to rid of other distractions, such as surface sheen, effectively forcing the object to stand out and speak for itself.


Matte can serve as a fabulous layer to your overall design, adding depth and composition to objects that are traditionally polished or glossy. We’ve seen an attraction to matte colours in fashion and makeup, so now it’s time to stylise your home and rake in viewers.


Dark greens and midnight blues


Similar to matte appliances, dark colours could be a new gateway to a more stylish home, especially during the autumn and winter. Green is the ultimate colour that allows you to connect with nature.


Living in some of the more in rural areas we operate in – Hertford, Cheshunt and Haringey – you have the chance to bring the picturesque landscape into your very own home.


Dark green, especially, is the colour associated with leaves and forests, giving a refreshing aesthetic to your décor. Combined with natural wood and leather, dark green can be further accentuated with brass and cream.


Midnight blue is the only consistent ‘in’ colour throughout the seasons. It can be used as a base colour to create a rich and warm environment. If you’re looking for something less profound, you can introduce it through accessories instead to create a contrast. These cosy colours are a perfect fit for the upcoming seasons, and would stand out when it comes to viewings.


Woven furniture


Don’t underestimate the uniqueness of woven textiles and the difference they can bring to a room – especially during cooler months. Woven furniture perfectly suits the autumn aesthetic, and is cost effective if you want to add some flair to your home. Hanging baskets on the wall, putting plants in wicker stands, or swapping your light fixture for a basket pendant light are all minor details that could drastically change a room’s feel.


Alternatively, you could also off-set rough textures with soft velvet or wool throws and smooth metal side tables, mirrors and ceramics. Adding more texture brings warmth and depth to your home; making it more appealing for the autumn season.


Earthy colours and terracotta


Earthy colours are becoming an increasingly popular household trend: sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust and olive green to name just a few. They can introduce subtle colour into quiet schemes and work well in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes where brighter shades might have a different effect.


Such colours are warming and charming, appearing differently off-set against neutral colours. They’re incredibly versatile, too: you could start small by introducing a few earth-coloured ceramics, or go even wilder and paint the walls a pale yellow.


Terracotta decor remains one of the hottest trends of 2017, and it will continue to spill over into the new season. Suiting the earthy aesthetic well, it is incredibly versatile.


So, there you have it. By following these trends and switching your home around, you could make your property more presentable and attract more prospective buyers to view your home this autumn.


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