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Walthamstow Branch

Walthamstow is one of London's most talked about areas at the moment, and it’s not difficult to see why. Known by some as #awesomestow, this East London district is set to overtake the likes of Shoreditch and Islington as the go-to location for buyers, renters and visitors alike.

Walthamstow really does have it all – it’s a culturally rich district which is increasingly developing its own ‘hipster’ status. It contains a street market which is hailed as one of the longest in Europe, a strong café culture, and is home to The William Morris Gallery. It’s a simply superb public gallery, displaying the life of the famous designer and craftsman who lived in the area.

The area also provides the perfect balance in terms of its locality too. While it is positioned in the hub of London life, on the end of the Victoria Line, it is also surrounded by beautiful countryside. Sandwiched between Lea Valley and 6,000 acres of Epping Forest, Walthamstow is perfect for families who wish to spread their wings and spend a weekend exploring the vast open spaces.

Property-wise, people might as well be queuing around the block for their chance to buy or rent in the area, so get your skates on! This East London area appeals to everyone, especially young professionals who have been pushed out of the pricier Central London markets. The average asking price for the E17 postcode stands at around the £425,000 mark, a huge increase on 2012’s average of £245,000. This is a clear indication of how far the Walthamstow property market has come, and the rental market is no different. Properties here are being snapped in some instances after being on the market for just two weeks, as students and BTL investors decide to migrate to the area.

If you’re looking for a place to watch in the district, then the area surrounding Walthamstow Wetlands could be just what you’re looking for. Proposals have been made to transform this corner of the borough with £8 million worth of funding.


Quite frankly, Walthamstow couldn’t be better connected. The area is home to three tube stations and is positioned at the end of the Victoria Line. If you’re looking to move to an area with good links to Central London, then this could be your perfect place. Walthamstow Central is just 30 minutes away from London Victoria, one of the capital's best central locations.

Eating and drinking

In Walthamstow you’re simply spoilt for choice when it comes to its range of eateries. All You Read is Love is a fairly new independent book café, run by Danish siblings. It serves Scandinavian-inspired sandwiches and also plays host to a range of DJ nights and writing workshops, so something for everyone! We can’t discuss East London eateries without mentioning Eat 17. This is a Walthamstow food institution, known for its superb Bacon Jam. What’s also great about this café is that its produce is locally sourced. Its meat comes from the East London Sausage company and its fruit and veg from Spitalfields market.


Nurseries: Busy Bees, Rascals Educational and Preschool Day Nursery

Primary Schools: Greenleaf Primary School, Mission Grove Primary School

Secondary Schools: Holy Family Catholic School, William Morris School

248 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 3AX
Tel: 020 8521 1122 • Fax: 01707 878942

Branch Manager: Bryn Nettle •